Augmented Reality Tour Guide Framework

ARTour guides users to locations, orientates them to look in the correct direction, then unlocks
and reveals photos, audio guides and video tours (all shot from the user’s field of view).
Once the user has been to the location the tour media will be theirs to keep and view at leisure.

iBeacon support is also included allowing media items, floor plans and directions to be triggered inside buildings.

Limited Only by Imagination

ARTour has been designed as a framework allowing anyone to create a tour using our design tool.
The framework is packed with features to generate exciting tours limited only by imagination.
Tours can be designed, deployed and return an investment with no capital expenditure.

Check out our 1-2-3 guide to creating a tour.


ARTour is ready for iPhone and iPad deployment and the concept has been proven on Android and Windows Phone. As each framework is completed we will update all existing tours to be available on every operating system.

White Label Design

ARTour is fully customizable to your requirements and branding allowing you to expand your business into new markets. Use our online tool to design your tour, request a beta build, test, update and then click 'Publish' to release your app to the world!

Integrated Map

The integrated map shows the locations of all tour items and points of interest providing a familiar method of GPS navigation. It can be used in Satellite, Map or Hybrid modes and can be overlayed with custom graphics to enhance the user experience.

Location Types

We have included every type of location based media imaginable, including: Augmented Reality (AR) Video, AR Audio, AR Photo Swipe, Surprise Video, Surprise Audio, Surprise Photo Swipe, iBeacon Video, iBeacon Audio, iBeacon Photo Swipe and dependent locations.

Augmented Reality Tour Items

ARTour locations ensure that not only is the user in the exact location that the media was filmed but they are also facing the same direction as the camera. This allows the tour guide to simply point and describe the scene around them.

iBeacon Tour Items

iBeacons allow the tour to continue inside buildings, with floorplans displayed upon entry. When the user navigates to one of the indoor tour locations the proximity of its iBeacon will cause the application to reveal the media.

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