Turn-key Organisation Management System

The Service User Database has been designed in partnership with charities and support organisations to explicitly
handle the needs of a large support network with hundreds of staff members and thousands of clients.
The system manages everything from clients, projects, questionnaires and contact records to reporting and much more.

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Hundreds of Daily Users

Our service user database is used 9AM-5PM daily by hundreds of users to track the progress of hundreds of thousands of clients over five organisations.

Cloud or Office Installations

The system can either be run in the Azure cloud or on your own premises as a stand alone installation that is managed and maintained in house.

Easily Configurable

Features of the system can be turned on or off using a flag in the database, ensuring that everything is relevant to your organisation.

Users and Projects

All organisation data can be configured, users and projects are assigned easily using the website. The system has 5 levels of privilege.

Data Capture

The system is able to record: Adult and child details, support details, contact records, risk analysis, questionnaires, documents, and much more.


Reporting is provided by a HTML5 MVC website which generates reports based on the current users privilege level and makes reporting to funders simple.

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